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Now You Can Learn To Craft Gorgeous Fantasy Cosplay Armor For Next To Nothing

the book of cosplay armor making

Svetlana Quindt is the name behind the face of Kamui Cosplay and she’s also one heck of a cosplay armor maker.

When you can take something that looks like a roll of butcher paper (it’s actually a modelling and crafting thermoplastic called Worbla) and turn it into a set of armor and some kickass weapons — well, you have the kind of skill and patience to teach others as long as you’re willing to share your tricks of the trade.

In this case, Svetlana is willing and she’s written an e-book, which is available for download now.

Take the time to check out pictures of her work after the break. The word “astonishing” doesn’t cover it.

cosplay armor 1

cosplay armor 2

cosplay armor 3

cosplay armor 4

cosplay armor 5

cosplay armor 6

cosplay armor 7

cosplay armor 8

cosplay armor 9

Product Page ($5 via CosGeek)

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